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The Riveting History of Inter-County Title Co. of El Dorado county

Located in the heart of the Gold Rush, Inter-County Title is the oldest continuously-operated title company in the State of California, and the only one in El Dorado County locally owned and operated.

Rain was pounding the tin roofs of Placerville on that first Monday in January, 1891. A certain Mr. A. S. Bosquit slogged his way past the bell tower and up muddy Main Street to take his post as the new Auditor/Recorder for El Dorado County, California. In those simple times, mining operations still raked millions from the Sierra Nevada foothills. Vast tracts of land frequently traded hands on the basis of nothing more than a handshake and few pieces of gold. It would never work today, but deeds from those days often describe quaint parcels of land as: "Starting from the West quarter corner of said Section, so-many chains East to a 30-inch pine tree, thence South along Baker's pear orchard so-many rods to a cracked bathtub; thence West to the wagon road leading from the town of Diamond Springs to Bucks Bar, thence North to the place of beginning."

That same year, Bosquit appointed Mr. George E. Pierce to serve as his Deputy Recorder. Pierce, signing his name, "Geo. E. Pierce, Searcher of Records," immediately began compiling a database of land title records, called abstracts of title, using a sophisticated system of maps and ledgers. Although the records from December 1980 forward have all been computerized, these old ledgers still exist and are referenced daily by employees in the title plant of Inter-County Title. Heavy, yellowing books may seem tedious and old-fashioned, but that's how they did it before the advent of computers. It worked. And the old records do have numerous advantages: ledgers do not crash. Ledgers do not consume electricity. The entire county's history can only be traced back to the Gold Rush using them, and Inter-County Title is the only company in the world who has them: the definitive Chain of Title to California's famous El Dorado County. Thanks to George E. Pierce, and to his son, Ross, who later assisted him, Inter-County Title owns the oldest, most reliable reference tool to the sequent occupancy of El Dorado County in existence. One hundred nine years later, the work George Pierce began still continues.

Around 1896, A. S. Bosquit bought an interest in George Pierce's abstract business for his son, E. L. Bosquit, and they conducted their business under the name, Pierce & Bosquit. Their business flourished, and they incorporated as the Pierce-Bosquit Abstract and Title Company on July 16, 1906. Two decades later, on March 23, 1925, the business name was again changed and incorporated as Inter-County Title Co.

Until 1958, Inter-County was the only title company in El Dorado County. In June, 1952, the company opened the first escrow branch at Bijou, now South Lake Tahoe. At the time, it was a seasonal office only, and remained the only escrow office in the Tahoe area until the 1960's.

On June 1, 1997, Darrel Pierce, the son of Ross Pierce and grandson of George E. Pierce, passed the business to Tom Chandler, a 28-year employee of the company, and to Russ Anders, a Placerville dentist. The company reincorporated at that time as Inter-County Title Co. of El Dorado County. It is believed to be the oldest continuously operated title company in California.

—TOM CHANDLER, President

El Dorado County Courthouse Officials, 1892

Seated, left to right: W. N. Muffley, Deputy Auditor; J. D. Skinner, Treasurer; A. S. Bosquit, Clerk, Auditor, Recorder; N. D. Arnot, Superior Court Judge; C. P. Winchell, Sheriff; Nell Mariner Fry, Sheriff Clerk

Second Row: F. N. Spencer, Assessor; O. B. Wakefield, Superintendent of Schools; George Burnham, Deputy Sheriff; John I. Reed, Deputy Assessor; George E. Pierce, Deputy Clerk-Recorder; J. P. G. Miller, Attorney; The four standing on the right are unknown

Row Three: Frank Goyan, far left; The other two in the far back are unknown

Pierce-Bosquit Abstract & Title Co.
San Joaquin County Office, Stockton
May 28, 1914
Employees' names unknown

George E. Pierce
Original office in Eagles Building, Placerville
Circa 1920's

Ross. E. Pierce & George E. Pierce
Outside Original office in Eagles Building, Placerville
Circa 1896

Tom Chandler, President
Inter-County Title Co. of El Dorado County

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