Seller's Expenses

When selling El Dorado County property, the seller can normally expect to pay the following expenses and/or adjustments (depending on each contract):

  1. Interest on current loans up to the date of payoff or assumption.

  2. Prepayment penalties on loans being paid off, if applicable.

  3. Reconveyance fees and other fees required by lenders in connection with paying off their loan.

  4. Cost of recording reconveyances of loans being cleared, wire fees, and/or courier fees.

  5. Payment of any judgments, attachments, or tax liens, etc. and cost of recording releases.

  6. Real estate commission.

  7. One-half of Owners Policy of Title Insurance and Escrow fee based on sales price (unless contract states differently).

  8. Transfer Tax on Deed. Transfer tax is based on sales price, rounded up to the nearest $500.00. Tax is $1.10 per $1000.00

  9. Personal property taxes levied against the real property.

  10. Prepaid rents and rental deposits, if any.

  11. Notary fees and preparation of the Deed.

  12. Any repairs to the property, as required by the contract.

  13. All delinquent taxes and bonds, and property taxes up to the date of closing.

Note: Recording charges are set by the California Statutes and are collected by the County Recorder. They are $7.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each full page or portion thereafter, for letter size documents. There is a $3.00 per page penalty applied to the entire document if any page within the document is legal size.