Buyer's Expenses

When purchasing property in El Dorado County, the buyer can normally expect to pay the following expenses (depending on each contract).
  1. Loan fee and loan costs payable to he lending institution for new loan.

  2. Preparation of loan documents, if required.

  3. One-half of Title Insurance and Escrow Fee, based on sales price (unless contract states otherwise).

  4. All of the ALTA loan policy premium, unless contract states otherwise.

  5. Notary fees on any documents.

  6. Recording fees, wire fees, and/or courier fees if applicable.

  7. Necessary adjustments of prepaid real estate taxes.

  8. Fire insurance premium for one year, if there are improvements on the property.

  9. Any other adjustments of rents, deposits or interest, which have been received by or paid by the seller.

  10. Inspection fees as stated in the contract.

  11. Assumption fees, if any, in taking over an existing loan.

  12. Loan trust funds on any loan which may have been prepaid by the seller, and which is assumed by the buyer.

Note: Recording charges are set by the California statutes and are collected by the County Recorder. They are $7.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each full page or portion thereafter, for letter size documents. There is a $3.00 pre page penalty applied to the entire document if any page within the document is legal size.