Common Problems With Escrow Closings


  1. The Policy wasn't ordered soon enough.
  2. Policy reads incorrectly - addresses, names, loss-payee.
  3. Coverage is not for correct amount.
  4. Inspections are needed by some companies


  1. Inspection of wrong property.
  2. No report sent to title co. - inspection and clearance reports.
  3. Clearance not completed
  4. Addresses are incorrect
  5. Certain areas were not checked by clear report issued.


  1. Points/interest rate go up; parties not notified.
  2. Miscellaneous charges made and not disclosed to principals.
  3. Panel D is not in.
  4. City/county code inspection required; no prior knowledge.
  5. Closing statement on prior property required.


  1. Buyer not choosing an insurance company.
  2. Buyer does not have money yet.
  3. Husband/wife comes to sign without spouse
  4. Title Company not given prior knowledge re: marital affairs
  5. One of spouses out of town.
  6. Signatures on loan papers different than lender had indicated.
  7. Judgments arise during escrow period.
  8. Contingent closing being delayed.


  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Demands and/or Releases are not in escrow yet.
  3. Judgments arise during escrow period.
  4. Lack of disclosure about off-record items regarding property (i.e. Homeowners' Dues)
  5. Contingent closing being delayed.


  1. Agents do not accompany clients to escrow.
  2. Agents do not review escrow instruction prior to client's signing.